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X-23 gets her claws in new Logan clip

Just like dad!

A new video examining the origin of X-23 (played by Dafne Keen) is the newest in a series of artsy, viral clips leading up to the release of Logan.

Much like Wolverine, X-23 — also known as Laura Kinney, who is also known as the clone-daughter of Wolverine — suffered from a painful and grueling process following the implementation of retractable adamantium-coated bone claws in her hands. In the clip, you can see an unconscious X-23 being operated on, followed by her painful awakening and the self-discovery that she has regenerative healing abilities.

X-23 was first confirmed for Logan back in October, but the rumor about her appearance had been floating around for quite some time before that. In subsequent trailers that followed her confirmation, Fox continued to provide new looks at the character in action, including this fantastic moment between her and Wolverine.

The video may hint at X-23 having claws in her legs. In the comics, the scientists grafted one claw from the claws in her hands that they then inserted into her legs. Based on the brief images in the clip, perhaps this is where Logan director James Mangold is going with the storyline.

Logan, which marks the final installment in the Wolverine franchise, will be released on March 3.

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