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Homefront: The Revolution’s final expansion coming in March

PS4 Pro support, too

Homefront: The Revolution shop weapons shop Dambuster Studios/Deep Silver

It’s been months since Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios provided an update on post-release plans for the game, so you could’ve been forgiven for wondering if the company had abandoned it. Today, though, Dambuster resurfaced to announce future plans, including downloadable content.

Beyond the Walls, the third and final piece of single-player DLC in Homefront: The Revolution’s season pass, will be released in March, according to Dambuster. The studio said that it has been “working incredibly hard” on the add-on as well as “remaining issues.” When the game launched in May 2016, it was lambasted for serious performance issues, including a low and inconsistent frame rate. Dambuster issued a patch to address some of the problems in August.

While Dambuster didn’t provide additional details on Beyond the Walls today, the studio has previously described it as a “much larger expansion” than the two single-player add-ons before it, September’s The Voice of Freedom and November’s Aftermath. Each of those expansions costs $5.99 for players who don’t own the $24.99 season pass.

Alongside Beyond the Walls, Dambuster will release a patch to add PlayStation 4 Pro support to Homefront: The Revolution. Known as the Spring Update, the patch will also bring high dynamic range (HDR) color to the PS4 version. We’ve reached out to publisher Deep Silver to ask whether HDR support will also be added to the Xbox One version of the game, for players who own an Xbox One S, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive.

Deep Silver is also planning to release a “trial version” of Homefront: The Revolution on PS4 and Xbox One. (The game is also available on Windows PC.) The announcement specifically mentions Resistance Mode, which is the co-op component of the game, so it’s unclear if the trial will only offer co-op.

For more on the lukewarmly received Homefront: The Revolution, read our review.

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