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Final Fantasy 15’s Cup Noodle obsession has reached its peak

Your Cup Noodle dreams are coming true, for a price

final fantasy 15 Nissin/Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 will receive some more weird and wonderful downloadable content later this year. Nissin, the makers of the legacy ramen brand Cup Noodle, has furthered its partnership with developer Square Enix to bring a Cup Noodle-style hat to the game.

The hat in question — which was first seen in a commercial and looks pretty hilarious on the surly Prince Noctis’ head — will be included as a code with purchases of Nissin’s Final Fantasy 15 line of ramen. The limited edition 30th anniversary collection is modeled after several bosses from the franchise, making these collectible cups worth holding onto.

Purchasing the set of 15 decorative Cup Noodle cups will also enter fans into a contest to win another bizarre gift: the gigantic Ultima Weapon Fork, which is modeled on the Final Fantasy gear of the same name. It’s not an in-game item, though ... it’s a literal fork, and a really big one at that.

The Cup Noodle DLC is the culmination of the game’s long-running obsession with the brand. An entire mission based on Cup Noodle is included in Final Fantasy 15, with a heaping helping of product placement thrown in the mix. Players can snack on the college staple while sitting around the campfire with Noctis and his boys, and it somehow comes off as natural, not jarring. We’ll attribute that to the game’s overall endearing, charming bizarreness.