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Watch Dogs 2’s new ending scene might be teasing the series’ future

Is DedSec heading to London?


A new patch for Watch Dogs 2 has expanded the game’s conclusion. While the overall story hasn’t changed much, some players are convinced that the new scene teases the hacking-filled action series’ next installment.

The cutscene immediately follows the game’s existing, much lengthier ending. As such, be warned that there are spoilers in the footage below.

The new addition kicks off around the 2:18 mark. It’s a brief addition, and the teaser may be lost on those focusing on the audio instead of the accompanying video. Eagle-eyed Watch Dogs fans took note of the numbers in the name of the audio file that appears for the 20-second clip. Turns out that those aren’t just random numbers for the hell of it — they may very well be coordinates.

Throwing the numbers (51.462014 and -0.112504) into a latitude and longitude tracker lends credence to that idea. They point to the Charing Cross tube station in London, and that’s left players to speculate on whether that location is an early hint at a future Watch Dogs game.

Watch Dogs 3 set in London? I'd like to see that,” wrote a Redditor. Others argue that “Ubisoft already went to London” in 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. “We need a brand new city.”

It may be a stretch to say that the ending teaser is a hint at a Watch Dogs sequel, but Ubisoft did tell Kotaku that the point of the extra scene was “to expand the Watch Dogs lore and hint at the potential future of DedSec,” the hacking collective that stars in Watch Dogs and its sequel.

Ubisoft has yet to say what the future hold for Watch Dogs. There is a season pass available for the well-received Watch Dogs 2, which is set to add more missions and modes set in the game’s Silicon Valley locales. A third installment has not yet been announced.

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