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Pokémon Go update brings cheap storage upgrades for all

Hold off on upgrading your box just yet

pokemon go The Pokémon Company/Niantic

Pokémon Go’s getting 80 new monsters to catch this week, which means many players may need to upgrade their storage to accommodate them. Niantic, developer of the mobile game, is making this easier to do by discounting upgrades to Pokémon storage for the next two weeks.

From “afternoon PST” on Feb. 16 through Feb. 28, increasing the amount of storage players have will cost 50 percent fewer Poké Coins than usual. That makes the upgrade a 100 Poké Coin purchase, equivalent to 99 cents in human currency.

Pokémon Storage Upgrade screen
The Pokémon Storage Upgrade, at the pre-discounted price of 200 Poké Coins

Each upgrade gives players 50 more slots in their bags. To reach maximum capacity, which is currently set to 1,000 Pokémon, players are looking at spending around $15.

By default, players can store up to 250 Pokémon on them at any time. That leaves plenty of room for those who like to collect duplicates of their favorite monsters — or hoard Pokémon in the hopes of eventually turning them into candy. Now that there are an additional 80 to collect, however, 250 slots may not be enough.

Reports suggest that Android users are receiving the gen two Pokémon update, which will also add new items and outfits to Pokémon Go. All players should have access to it by the end of the week.

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