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Here’s 3 minutes of the Nintendo Switch menus, thanks to an early shipment

The initial setup, the home screen and more

Nintendo Switch hands-on video from GAF Hiphoptherobot/Vidme via Polygon
Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Nintendo Switch units are currently on their way to the press, but at least one console is in the wild as well. A NeoGAF user got his hands on a system early, and he’s already posted photos and a video of the hardware.

The person, who goes by hiphoptherobot, said he was “just lucky” that a retailer shipped his pre-ordered Switch early. It arrived today, more than two weeks ahead of the console’s March 3 launch date. Hiphoptherobot is located in St. Louis, according to his NeoGAF profile, although he did not specify the retailer or connect his Switch to the internet “in fear of getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo,” he said.

Along with unboxing photos, hiphoptherobot posted a three-minute video of himself booting up the Switch for the first time and going through the initial setup process. After creating a user on the console (simply “gaf”), hiphoptherobot headed to the home screen. The News section primarily featured a number of tiles with friendly how-to items such as “Setting the Table(top Mode),” likely because he was offline. But when he tried to access the Switch eShop, the console prompted him to install a system update. Instead of doing that, he checked out the settings.

Nintendo Switch system settings - data management
The Nintendo Switch leaves 25.9 GB of its 32 GB internal storage accessible to users.
Hiphoptherobot/Vidme via Polygon

The Switch comes with 32 GB of internal storage, but as seen in hiphoptherobot’s tour through the system settings, only 25.9 GB of free space — just under 81 percent of the total — is available to users. Users can set the home screen theme to either “Basic White” or “Basic Black” and adjust settings for sleep mode, notifications, and audio/video output.

The interface seems bare-bones in the video, but there’s no way to know how it will change with the day-one system update. Hiphoptherobot also noted that he doesn’t have any games to try out, so for now, there’s not much for him to do besides what he included in the clip. The rest of the public will have to wait two more weeks to see for ourselves what there is to do at launch.

Correction: Hiphoptherobot later did an unboxing video for FloKO in which he demonstrated that the Switch unit does not come with the Joy-Con controllers attached. We’ve edited the article to reflect this.


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