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Pokémon Go players find the gen two Eeveelution trick

Sakura and Tamao are the keys

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Among Pokémon Go’s 80 new, gen two monsters are two more evolutions of Eevee, one of the most beloved first-gen Pokémon. While Eevee naturally evolves into Espeon, Umbreon or its other three forms at random in the mobile game, players have found a way to force the Pokémon to evolve into their preference of the two second-generation forms.

The method stems from the Pokémon anime, making it an Easter egg for big fans of the entire Pokémon media franchise. Naming an Eevee after the owners of an Espeon and Umbreon in the anime will result in the corresponding evolution, according to reports from big Pokémon Go communities like The Silph Road and other Reddit sites.

A trainer named Sakura owned an Espeon in a single episode of Pokémon, while someone named Tamao had an Umbreon. A combination of these nicknames and spending the requisite Eevee candy has landed players their newest Eeveelution of choice.

To Pokémon Go players who aren’t quite as well-versed in the game’s Easter eggs, this may seem like a random find. But many hardcore fans discovered a similar method to ensure their favorite Eeveelution when the game first arrived. The anime-based Easter egg was even confirmed by Niantic, makers of the smash hit game.

There are 78 other new Pokémon to go collect following this week’s update, so fans are encouraged to get back out there. There’s even a promo going on right now that helps them expand their storage boxes so that they can accommodate all the new catches.

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