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Kolin is Street Fighter 5’s next character. Here’s why you should play her.

Making her playable debut on Feb. 28

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Street Fighter 5 adds six characters in its second season, which began with Akuma back in December. Coming next, on Feb. 28, is Kolin, who will be making her playable debut in the franchise. This video from Capcom delivers the lowdown on why she's worth a shot.

Kolin's style appears to be a fast-paced, combo-driven attack to juggle the opponent and keep their stun gauge from recovering. Capcom community manager Matt Edwards explains in greater detail (and in a vernacular more familiar to Street Fighter players), why she’s worth a look, even if her strikes do not deal as much damage.

Kolin first appeared as an NPC in 1997's Street Fighter 3: New Generations as the valet of Gill, that game's principal antagonist. Gill gave her her ice powers, so she likes him a lot.

Kolin is available through the Season 2 Character Pass, which runs $29.99. The pass also adds battle costumes and character colors. The other four characters have not been announced yet. EventHubs featured some pretty good guesses based on silhouette images Capcom released back in December (Helen is an alternate name for Kolin) and now thinks Won Won, the first stage boss in Capcom’s Final Fight 2, might be on deck.

Though she’s seen in Street Fighter 5’s cinematic story mode, Kolin is technically an all-new character, in that she is playable for the first time, joining Necalli, Rashid, Laura and F.A.N.G. in Street Fighter 5's rookie class.

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