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Final Fantasy 15’s worst chapter gets fixed next month (update)

Lots of big updates are on the way

Final Fantasy 15 is getting a series of major updates beginning Feb. 21, as director Hajime Tabata revealed during the latest live broadcast dedicated to the game. Among the changes inbound over the next few months, as translated by Gematsu, are the previously announced fixes for the game’s last few hours.

Coming first, however, is PlayStation 4 Pro support, which arrives alongside the Final Fantasy 15Booster Pack” downloadable content on Feb. 21. That will bump the game up to 60 fps, but it will also bring other tweaks for standard PS4 owners to enjoy. These include an increased level cap — up to 120 — and the ability to listen to music while riding on a chocobo.

The chapter 13 update launches next, arriving alongside the “Episode Gladiolus” DLC on March 28. Various “enhancements” will improve the late-stage gameplay, according to Tabata, which was criticized by players at launch for being a slow, endless slog. While these improvements have not been detailed, Tabata mentioned that players will have the chance to play as Gladiolus during this section. That makes the update’s launch well-timed, as “Episode Gladiolus” allows players to control the party member for the DLC’s duration.

These are the biggest pieces of new content Final Fantasy 15 detailed in the livestream, but they’re not the only ones. Tabata revealed that “Episode Prompto,” the next premium DLC installment, will arrive in June.

At a later date, an update will give players the chance to drive freely in the Regalia, the fancy vehicle that hero Noctis and his pals use to get around the world of Eos. This feature will let players go off-road, although a release date is not yet known.

Finally, the Final Fantasy 15Platinum Demo” will be taken offline on March 31. This stand-alone chapter is meant to get players familiar with the combat and world of the game, but it also comes with a free gift for the main game: the adorable, photobombing Carbuncle creature.

Update: It turns out that the “Booster Pack” is now live on PlayStation 4, a little bit earlier than planned. The 1.05 update, which includes PS4 Pro support and a boosted level cap, among other features, should be available to download now.

Update #2: Square Enix released a trailer, above, to coincide with the release of the reworked Chapter 13 and “Episode Gladiolus” DLC. Now called “Chapter 13, Verse 2,” expect more dialogue and powerful combat with the patch. There are also other tweaks with the March update, all of which are seen in the video.

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