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Chill puzzler TumbleSeed is coming to Nintendo Switch

Will be a ‘flagship title’ for the console’s unique features

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TumbleSeed, the “rolly roguelike” being published by one of the developers of Threes and Ridiculous Fishing, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this spring. Polygon spent some time with it since last year’s PAX East, and it could be the perfect title for the new mobile/console hybrid device.

In TumbleSeed, players guide a marble-like character through a colorful two-dimensional world. Their only means of controlling that character is by balancing it on a single plane that they move up and down with two analog sticks. By rolling their character back and forth, players are able to navigate procedurally generated environments. The game also makes use of multiple “suits” that can be switched on the fly to give players special abilities.

You can watch us demo the early version of the game in the video below.


TumbleSeed’s jungle environment.

TumbleSeed will make unique use of the Nintendo Switch HD Rumble,” wrote publisher aeiowu in a press release issued today, “offering a unique sense of how fast and where the player is rolling in the world. The Nintendo Switch is the only game console available that can provide this experience and TumbleSeed aims to be the console's flagship title for HD Rumble.”

Nintendo itself chimed in to support the game. Indie game manager Kirk Scott said that "TumbleSeed is perfect for 10-20 minutes play sessions anywhere you may go and also great for a couch-session in 1080p at home,” adding that the game “is made with the same spirit as any major title on a Nintendo system.”

TumbleSeed is also slated for release on Mac, Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Tumbleseed Early Gameplay

Tumbleseed is a super chill roguelike

Posted by Polygon on Thursday, September 15, 2016

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