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Fire Emblem Heroes is now live (update)

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This is one late launch, even by Nintendo’s standards

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Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes is out right now on the Google Play store. Nintendo’s latest mobile game is available for Android devices in North America, after launching in many other countries earlier today.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free to play, but additional characters and other content are available at a cost. The game uses a currency known as “orbs,” which players can purchase with real money and then spend in-game.

This is the second game developed by Nintendo and mobile partner DeNA in its burgeoning line of mobile titles. Super Mario Run preceded Fire Emblem Heroes in December. A timed exclusive on iOS, the game will hit Android in March.

We checked out Fire Emblem Heroes last week; you can watch our impressions below. For those wondering how the game differs from the handheld Fire Emblem entries, we’ve cooked up an explainer on that as well.

Update: The game is available on the U.S. App Store now as well.