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Fire Emblem Heroes is giving out Orbs left and right this week

All the free Orbs! All of them!

fire emblem heroes Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

An event running in Fire Emblem Heroes this week is a serious must-play for fans in need of more Orbs. From today through Feb. 27, players who complete the special limited-time quests can collect up to six Orbs — on top of all the other free in-game currency doled out throughout the period.

The special quests are focused on weapon mastery, with swords, axes and lances each getting a category with their own missions. These quests require players to create teams that use the corresponding weapons, and completing particular goals will grant rewards — including up to two Orbs per category, for a total of six.

Also new this week is the third set of special maps celebrating the game’s launch. Completing this pair of battles will also net players an additional six Orbs.

Those 12 Orbs in total are on top of the complimentary ones all players receive upon logging in. The daily log-in bonus gives players 2 Orbs per day, meaning everyone is guaranteed at least 26 Orbs if they manage to play Fire Emblem Heroes at least once per day this week.

For a free-to-play game, Fire Emblem Heroes is pretty giving with its in-game currency. Orbs are used for summoning new characters, which cost up to 20 Orbs for a random selection of five. It’s one of the more gimmicky parts of the game, but the abundance of currency that players don’t have to spend real world funds on makes summoning new heroes much less annoying than it could be.

While the summoning grab bag is our least favorite part of the game, we’re otherwise really enjoying our time with Nintendo’s newest mobile game. Check out our Fire Emblem Heroes review for more.

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