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This tiny Nintendo Switch feature is already making fans super happy

It’s all about the little clicks

There’s a certain sound heard in all Nintendo Switch commercials that fans just can’t get enough of: a quick “click” that’s reminiscent of a clapboard slapping together. That clicking sound isn’t just a sound effect used for marketing, though — it’s actually audible when using the Switch in certain ways, as recent early hands-on videos with the hardware show.

The video above comes from a recent livestream of Disgaea 5, which is coming to the Switch in May. Viewers tuning into NIS America’s event noticed that, when the players attached the Joy-Con controllers to the tablet, they made that familiar clicking sounds that many have come to appreciate. More than that, there’s actually a visual cue that shows that the Joy-Con have been attached correctly.

The Joy-Con connection click has since been heralded as one of the Switch’s most satisfying features, even if it’s a tiny one that will likely pass the average player by. Some fans are thankful for the positive reinforcement, which will help ensure that all pieces of the Switch hardware are correctly attached so that nothing comes apart mid-gameplay session.

“Making sure you know it's secure is pretty important, on account of the way they hook up to the system,” one user explained on Reddit. “If they're even a little bit loose, but you think they're connected, you'll go to pick up the system by the controllers and the tablet will just slip out down the bottom.”

Others just can’t get enough of that satisfying clicking sound. It has a certain ASMR quality to it, they say; it’s just really, really soothing to listen to.

nintendo switch reddit
People are really jazzed about that connection click sound.

It’s not yet clear, however, whether the clicking cues appear in all games or just on a case-by-case basis. We don’t recall hearing or seeing the connection sound when we went hands-on with the Switch back in January, but it’s possible that it’s an addition to the console’s latest firmware update.

For what it’s worth, viewers of a recent early unboxing video heard the sound play when the Switch initialized for the first time. It’s possible that it only plays the first time you boot up the console, however, not every time the Switch starts up.

We’ll find out if we need to pick up Disgaea 5 specifically to hear that sweet, sultry Switch sound in just two more weeks.