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Pokémon Go update makes the most elusive gen two monster a little easier to catch

Togetic is still a toughie, though

pokemon go Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Togetic, one of Pokémon Go’s newest and toughest Pokémon to capture, should be a little bit easier to pin down with the game’s latest update. That’s good news for those who ran into it last week, when Togetic was almost impossible to catch.

Members of The Silph Road, the game’s biggest grassroots research community, dug into Pokémon Go’s recently updated master files to find a much-needed improvement to Togetic’s capture rate. The “Game Master” file shows that it now has a base capture rate of five percent — which, to be sure, is still extremely difficult.

Five percent puts Togetic on par with first-gen monsters Dragonite, Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, who each had a four percent catch rate around the game’s launch. But at an initial success rate of nearly zero, Togetic had all four of them beat by a country mile.

Togetic will still be extremely difficult to capture in Pokémon Go, as its escape rate is as high as its catch rate. The difference now is that players can use better Poké Balls and items to help increase their chances of getting the Pokémon to stay caught. Previously, the multiplicative nature of the game’s capture ratings meant that Togetic was virtually impossible to catch, no matter what players did; a catch rate of zero percent can’t be multiplied to reap any of the benefits items are meant to bring about.

The other way to catch Togetic is by evolving Togepi, its pre-evolution. That Pokémon can be found in Pokémon Eggs, but don’t expect that process to be that much easier. Evolution in Pokémon Go requires copious amounts of candy, which players collect either by walking great distances with a chosen monster or by catching a ton of that Pokémon.

Still, that may be a safer option, considering the crapshoot that is hunting in Pokémon Go — especially in these colder winter months.

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