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Unown is in Pokémon Go, but good luck finding it

By “it,” we mean all 26 versions

pokemon The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go now has an additional 80 Pokémon roaming around in-game, culled from the second generation of monsters. Just like the initial set of 150 Pokémon, this latest group of monsters ranges from common to not-so-common — to the downright impossible-to-find.

Among these is Unown, an especially rare monster that comes in multiple versions. There are 26 Unown to collect in total — one for each letter of the alphabet — but so far, players have rarely seen even one of them.

That’s frustrating to those achievement hunters who want to get all of Pokémon Go’s medals. To get the ultimate Unown achievement, they must catch every specific variant of Unown, a task that may seem Sisyphean. That’s similar to trying to capture it in Pokémon Gold and Silver, where players had to take several trips to a series of ruins in order to find all 26 variants.

But some lucky trainers have happened upon individual Unown letters already, with a handful of sightings noted on Reddit. Players from places like Singapore (at least twice) and the United States (at least once, in Wisconsin) have caught the Pokémon thus far, so players are sure it’s not a region exclusive like other hard-to-find Pokémon.

pokemon go Imgur via Reddit

Where, exactly, anyone can expect to find all the different letters remains ... well, unknown. This could be a quest that Pokémon Go players embark upon for quite some time, and it’s one for which there are very few tips thus far.

All we can recommend is continuing to be intrepid in your Pokémon-collecting travels. Just as it took several months for trainers to capture Ditto — a Pokémon whom didn’t even make it into the game until the fall — it could be awhile until all 26 letters of the Unown are found.