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Towerfall developer’s next game, Celeste, heading to the Nintendo Switch

The game still doesn’t have a release date though

Celeste, a hardcore mountain-climbing platformer developed by the creators of 2013’s Towerfall, will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Developer Matt Thorson made the announcement via a new gameplay trailer on YouTube today. Thorson and co-creator Noel Berry announced the game in July 2016, using Twitch to stream a bit of the game’s development. Celeste is based on an earlier game from 2015 called Celeste Classic, which Berry and Thorson created for the PICO-8 in four days.

“I love how a climbing route often looks impossible at first glance, but through experimentation and creative thinking you can find the necessary contortions to scale your way to the top,” Thorson wrote on PlayStation Blog in December, explaining why he and Berry decided to make a game focused on real-life rock climbing.

Celeste has more than 250 stages, which take place across a variety of settings like an “abandoned city, ancient ruins, precarious cliff sides, and a haunted resort.” Thorson added that Celeste took its inspiration from difficult platformers found during the SNES era.

Celeste is scheduled to be released later this year and will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. The Nintendo Switch will be available to purchase on March 3.

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