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Alien: Covenant’s new prologue includes an ominous nod to the original film

Is it foreshadowing?

Ridley Scott is probably going to include more than a few nods to the original Aliens franchise in his upcoming Alien: Covenant.

Yesterday, Fox released a short prologue for Alien: Covenant that mostly introduced the crew members during their last dinner with each other before entering cyrosleep. It’s a cute video that doesn’t offer too much information about the events of the film, but there is a very sweet moment where one of the crew members is choking and David — now known as Walter — (Michael Fassbender) comes to her rescue. While the choking is occurring, however, another member jokes the food’s not that bad, causing the rest to laugh.

This may not seem like anything to newcomers, but it’s a direct reference to Scott’s 1979 Alien.

The “food ain’t that bad” line is a direct nod to the moment in Alien when Parker (Yaphet Kotto) turns to Kane (John Hurt) and remarks the food isn’t as bad as he’s making it out to be. In the Covenant prologue video, one of the crew members is in the middle of choking and Danny McBride’s character goofs that the food isn’t that bad. The joke was met by fans with a combination of eye-rolling and appreciation for the inclusion, with many pointing out that it wasn’t as fan pandering as it could have been.

“Makes you feel that they at least have in mind the original and that's always nice,” one fan on Reddit wrote. “Gives me more confidence in this.”

The interesting thing about the scene is what inspired it. In Alien, this is the moment that eventually leads to Kane’s death as a chestburster pops through his shirt and he writhes on the table. It’s unclear if that choking scene in the Covenant prologue is hinting this will happen to the character in the scene, but it certainly seems like a possibility.

Alien: Covenant, which acts as a direct followup to Scott’s 2012 film Prometheus, will be released on May 19.