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Nintendo Switch’s Mii editor gets colorful

From toe to tip, that’s a Mii

Those of you with Nintendo accounts may already have a Mii, but if you’re getting a Nintendo Switch, you may want to consider making another one. The Switch’s Mii editor now brings a wide range of color options — 100, to be exact — for even more customization. Previous Mii editors were limited in its colors, displaying only a range of black, brown and blonde. While there doesn’t seem to be any new hairstyles or facial features, a massive 10x10 grid of pastels and darker colors is available for hairstyles, facial hair, eye color and more.

Everything from eyebrows to lenses can be their own shades and colors, paving the way for some truly horrifying, Monster Factory-like possibilities. Noticeably absent, however, is the catchy tune that accompanies Mii creation and the main menu. It’s a sad revelation for those who expected a brand new theme or a revival of the old one. But there still may be hope yet: The day-one patch is delivering online features — music hopefully included. Otherwise, you’ll just have to settle for the satisfying click of sliding Joy-Con controllers into the dock for audio entertainment instead.

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