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Nintendo Switch’s Amelia is your friendly guide to the system

Who is leaving us all these messages?

Nintendo Switch Amelia
Need help? Just go online, or ask your neon-haired, headset-wearing pal Amelia!

The Nintendo Switch is trying something new with how it’s planning to share news with its owners: a fun, friendly assistant.

Like previous internet-connected Nintendo consoles, the Switch has a News section where Nintendo will send players updates on new releases, deals, and tips and tricks. Unlike past systems, however, the Switch adds a bit of personality to the News feature.

Nintendo Switch Amelia photo
Meet Amelia.
Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Each of these messages is “written” by someone named Amelia; you can see her portrait in the top left corner of every News item. Each of the updates within News is written from her perspective, as if she’s speaking directly to you. She even ends some of her updates with personal or silly notes (we now know that Amelia really likes cake, for instance).

It’s not exactly like having a digital assistant for your Switch, à la Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana, but it’s nice to feel like you have a personal guide to the console.

This isn’t Nintendo’s first attempt to put a face on its hardware. Nintendo 3DS owners familiar with the Swapnote app might remember its tutorial character. In Swapnote, players could draw notes that could be sent to friends through the 3DS or to strangers via StreetPass.

Within the Swapnote app was a Mii by the name of Nikki who would teach you how to use the app, and over time, would help you unlock new features. The interesting thing about Nikki was that she also would send you Swapnotes herself on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. It was an interesting feature that broke the fourth wall of the application.

Nikki was small but charming addition to Swapnote. And it seems like Nintendo is trying a similar tactic with Amelia on the Switch. For more on the Switch, check out the impressions video below.