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PlayStation VR sales figures revealed in exec’s interview

Almost a million in four months; Andrew House is ‘very happy’

PlayStation VR headset PlayStation

PlayStation VR has sold 915,000 units to consumers since it launched in October, reports The New York Times, coming close to an internal goal Sony set of pushing 1 million units within the hardware's first six months of availability.

The Times led its story about virtual reality's consumer appeal with that figure, getting it from Andrew House, the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment worldwide. Moreover, House indicated that even if no more than 10 percent of PlayStation 4's installation base buy PlayStation VR, he would be "very happy."

The statements are intriguing because practically no one in the video games industry talks raw sales figures, much less their expectations for them, unless it’s really good news. Sony has been glad to talk about the sales performance of the PlayStation 4, but in its last two statements about the console, Sony didn’t specify how well either PlayStation 4 had done or how the new PlayStation 4 Pro had, either.

The Times noted that neither Oculus VR nor HTC, makers of competing VR products, have stated for the record what they've sold. Analysts have given rough estimates, and they're smaller than PlayStation VR's total, though the timespan is not equivalent (as of the end of last year, not February).

There's more detail in the Times piece about the picture of virtual reality in present day, and the advantages PlayStation VR has over its competitors because of the existing installation base and the fact it's an add-on to the PS4, as opposed to something that needs a reasonably powerful (and more expensive) PC to run.

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