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Epic Games unveils new cross-platform mobile, PC game Battle Breakers

Early testing in Philippines now

Battle Breakers
Epic Games

Epic Games today announced Battle Breakers, a new Unreal Engine 4-powered role-playing game that features cross-platform play on Android, iOS and PC.

While the game has been testing in a limited soft launch on iOS in the Philippines, it was officially unveiled today during Google’s GDC Developer Day.

No worldwide release date has yet been announced, with Epic only saying that the game is coming out later this year. Android players can pre-register starting today and receive an exclusive in-game hero by visiting here.

“The team at Epic had this crazy idea that if we combined our passion for zany 80’s Saturday morning cartoons with our obsession for tactical turn-based RPGs, we might just create something awesome and unique,” Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director at Epic Games, said in a prepared statement.

Battle Breakers combined the turn-based battle strategies of games like Pokemon and Fire Emblem with an odd crystal-breaking theme that begins to feel a bit like popping bubble wrap on your iPhone. (I’ve been messing around with the Philippines build of the game for about a week.)

Cracking open the crystals that fill the screen above your heroes either unveils treasures or enemies. Battle Breakers uses a rock-paper-scissors approach to battles with five different elements used to determine whether your characters will have an advantage or disadvantage in a fight.

The game is replete with what seems to be an endless array of colorful heroes of everything from ninjas and archers to robots, reapers and pets.

So far, I’ve found it to be a visually captivating game that hasn’t quite sunk its hooks into me yet, but to be fair, the game is still in development and is currently free if you know how to grab it from the Philippines iOS store.

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