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Join Polygon on a trip to (virtual) Japan in our new video series: Yakuza 0 to 60

We get into all sorts of trouble as we discover how life works in Tokyo

Have you ever wanted to experience Japan? The real Japan? Well, we can’t help with that, but how about virtual Japan instead?

This weekend, Polygon launched our latest video series on YouTube: Yakuza 0 to 60. In this series, Phil, Allegra and any guests we can trick into the room explore the dangerous streets of Japan as represented in Sega’s latest game, Yakuza 0.

In the first episode, we get introduced to Yakuza 0’s main character, Kazuma Kiryu, and his rough life as a street-level enforcer for a Tokyo crime family. That includes discovering pager technology, gambling on trinkets from vending machines and trying to figure out how yen works. We also get into our first few street fights and learn the basics of punching, kicking and throwing.

New episodes of Yakuza 0 to 60 will be posted to Polygon’s YouTube channel every Saturday, so stay tuned for more soon.

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