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New Alien: Covenant trailer features a terrifying Xenomorph attack


The second trailer for Alien: Covenant has arrived and with it the promise of more terrifying Xenomorphs — and Michael Fassbender.

The trailer arrives just one week after Fox released a short prologue introducing the crew of the Covenant. The prologue also confirmed that Fassbender would be playing a character named Walter, a synthetic android created by the Weyland Corporation. In Prometheus, Fassbender played a synthetic android named David; a less advanced android based on a previous model.

The first trailer for the film was released by Fox on Christmas Day and showcased the Covenant crew as they scoured the “newly discovered” paradise. The trailer introduced new forms of Xenomorphs, referred to as “backbursters.” The trailer was heavily scorned by fans of the original movie who took issue with the overall tone of Covenant.

Alien: Covenant will act as a direct sequel to Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s 2012 film set before the events of the first Alien movie, which was released in 1979. It will be released on May 19.

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