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Overcooked gets stuffed special edition on Switch

One of 2016’s best games gets better

Overcooked 2 - four cooks in the kitchen
Ghost Town Games/Team 17

Overcooked, 2016’s most intense, local multiplayer-only cooking simulator from developer Ghost Town Games, is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Included in Overcooked: Special Edition for Switch will be the base game, as well as all of the game’s previously released downloadable content. Unique to the Switch version, however, will be HD rumble support for the console’s unique Joy-Con controllers. That should heat things up even further, as players will be able to feel the sensation of chopping up the wrong food stuff, much to their teammates’ chagrin.

There’s no release window yet for Overcooked: Special Edition, which was included in Nintendo’s indie showcase earlier today. The underground multiplayer hit is one of several indie games heading to the Switch, along with other big names like Stardew Valley and Runner3, a Switch exclusive.

Nintendo Switch finally hits stores on March 3, and a day-one update will give all owners access to the Nintendo eShop. That’s where fans can expect games like Overcooked: Special Edition and other indies to be available.

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