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Thumper’s bringing rhythm hell to the Switch (update)

Play it this spring


The Nintendo Switch is getting Thumper later this spring, according to the game’s official Twitter page. It’s the first appearance on a Nintendo platform for the acclaimed “rhythm violence” game, which hit PlayStation 4 and Windows PC last fall.

Produced by Drool, the indie hit is an anxiety-inducing take on the rhythm game genre. Thumper was a standout early release for VR platforms, namely PlayStation VR and PC through Steam, where its intense blend of music and motion became even more intense.

While the Switch version won’t have VR functionality, we’d expect the hybrid home and handheld to maintain Thumper’s unique intensity. Drool hinted that the Switch version of Thumper will make use of the Joy-Con controller’s HD rumble feature, transforming Thumper from a game about rhythm violence into one that’s all about the rumble violence.

The Nintendo Switch goes on sale March 3, with several other indie titles slated to launch throughout the year.

Update: Thumper goes on sale May 18. The game will run in 60 fps in both TV and handheld modes, Drool confirmed.

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