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Lego Movie sequel will be a bona fide musical

Everything is awesome indeed

Lego Movie Batman

The first Lego Movie wasn’t a musical by any stretch of the imagination, but producer Chris McKay says the sequel will most certainly be.

McKay recently appeared on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, where he talked about numerous projects, including directing DC and Warner Bros.’ live-action Nightwing movie and producing The Lego Movie Sequel. McKay couldn’t say too much about the latter, which is due out in 2019 and being directed by Mike Mitchell, but did confirm it will be a full-fledged action-musical set in space.

Lego 2 is going to be this big musical and space action movie,” McKay said. “They need a lot of the writing, a lot of development, not only with script development, but development with songwriters. So it was very ambitious to get that movie out.”

Most people will remember The Lego Movie’s Oscar-nominated song “Everything is Awesome.” McKay did not confirm on the podcast if the same songwriters would be involved in the sequel’s process.

Speaking about Nightwing, McKay said that he wasn’t looking to make a Batman movie, and was going to stay true to the superhero’s carnival background. McKay added that Batman comes from a privileged background and could afford to be morose about certain things, whereas Nightwing — also known as Dick Grayson — didn’t have the same experiences.

The Lego Movie Sequel is slated to be released Feb. 8, 2019.

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