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In the internet’s darkest time, people are finding solace in Netflix

It’s the only thing we have left

Netflix logo on black Netflix

Netflix is one of the few major websites not affected by today’s Amazon Web Services outage, and the internet has never been more thankful.

Amazon’s S3 cloud servers, which are among the most widely used on the internet, went down earlier today. Amazon is reporting “high error rates” in the eastern region of the U.S., affecting numerous websites and services. For example, you might notice there aren’t photos on some of Polygon’s stories today. That’s because, unfortunately, we are also affected by the outage.

There is, however, one website that has been able to keep chugging along despite the internet practically self-combusting, and it’s one of the most important: Netflix.

Amid the Amazon S3 outage, many people have expressed their joy over still being able to binge-watch TV shows and movies. In the darkest of timelines, as Community’s Abed would say, this isn’t just important; it’s crucial.

Amazon Web Services tweeted out an update around 3 p.m. ET saying it had found the root cause and was “working hard at repairing” the issue.

Listen, Polygon would never promote not working or studying, because both things are equally important. But today the internet is giving us a sign that maybe we should all just Netflix and chill.