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Timesplitters fan remake’s first teaser is truly, truly bizarre

Nearly three minutes of ... huh?

The team behind Timesplitters Rewind, an unofficial, multiplayer-focused remake of the classic Crytek shooter, released the game’s very first teaser trailer over the weekend. While its 2:27 runtime may suggest that there’s a lot for eager fans to pore over here, the actual video offers strangely little in the way of content.

Seriously: Watch above to see what we mean. Absent are any character or weapon models; instead, the trailer shows a screensaver-esque array of green crystals until fading into the Timesplitters Rewind logo.

Based on YouTube, Reddit and forum comments, fans are less than pleased with the game’s debut look.

The Timesplitters fandom is confused after watching the bizarre teaser trailer.
Reddit via Polygon

The good news for the Timesplitters community, which has kept an eye on the Rewind project since 2013, is that the game’s release date has been pushed up from 2018 to 2017.

Developed by fan collective Cinder Interactive Arts, Timesplitters Rewind is slated for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, although other platforms may be announced later on. Those who’d like to take a peek at actual assets from the game can check out its blog, which was last updated in September 2016.

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