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Fire Emblem Heroes’ best character is one players love to hate

Takumi’s the hero everyone wants — and hates to go up against

fire emblem heroes Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

It’s already become clear to hardcore Fire Emblem Heroes players which characters are the best to have on a team, and there’s one fighter in particular who towers above the rest. That would be Takumi, one of the strongest characters from Fire Emblem Fates, who’s gone on to be both beloved and reviled by the Heroes community.

Takumi’s a steely archer with an impressive set of skills, making him a tough opponent. The most notable of these is his passive skill, a counter that works from a short distance. That’s unlike other archers, whose attacks only work from a long range. Players learn how great Takumi’s skillset and stats are early on, facing him in a story mode map set in the World of Birthright. If players haven’t caught on to how integral he is to a good Fire Emblem Heroes team by then, they’ll leave that battle immediately hoping to add him to their arsenal.

Of course, Takumi is a rare character to pull. Many have taken to Twitter to celebrate their lucky pulls from Heroes’ random grab bag.

Others have been less lucky, trying everything possible — like rerolling, a popular and time-consuming method to get good characters — to grab a top-notch Takumi.

Then there are those who just have zero interest in using Takumi, resenting him for what they see as an overpowered, unfair fighter. The SS-Rank unit is the subject of one of the Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit’s most upvoted threads right now, and its first post makes it clear just how polarizing Takumi can be.

This is one of the most popular threads on the Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit.
Reddit via Polygon

There are plenty of other strong units to acquire in Heroes, and players can level them up using items or the training maps so that they can take down the powerful Takumi. Otherwise, they better hope they get a good pull and land a Takumi for their own teams.

We’ve asked Nintendo if it has plans to rebalance the game in future updates to adjust Takumi and other characters. We’ll update when we know more.