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Eggo and Stranger Things can’t get enough of each other

The brands have gone too far


Netflix aired its first teaser for Stranger Things’ second season during the Super Bowl on Sunday and fans were pleasantly surprised to see a vintage advertisement for Eggo Waffles play beforehand.

The advertisement that plays in the new trailer was from Dec. 1980, and Kellogs dug up the ad from its archive specifically for the trailer. The commercial airs prior to the events of Stranger Things’ first season but still managed to strike the nostalgic chord with Stranger Things fans.

Eggo Waffles, which play a crucial role in Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) cultural awakening, became a staple of the show. Since then, Stranger Things and Eggo Waffles have developed a close friendship online and people have started to notice.

After Netflix tweeted out the trailer, Eggo responded with a GIF of maple syrup being poured over a waffle asking whether or not the account was messing with them. All of the words, as seen in the tweet below, are upside down. It’s a reference to a common method of tweeting that the Stranger Things account is known for. When Netflix announced Stranger Things’ second season was in production last November, it used a similar style tweet, flipping the photo around so the cast was upside down as well.

The conversation that followed between the accounts quickly led to questions about the ambiguous ending that Eleven was left with at the end of the first season and the type of puns your dad would be proud of.

Fans were quick to jump in on the conversation and express both their adoration and disgust for what was happening in their Twitter feed. But it didn’t stop there. Like most Stranger Things fans who saw the trailer, Eggo uploaded a photo to its Facebook page speculating on what the trailer could have possible been hinting at.

We're already hard at work breaking things down.

Posted by Eggo on 5hb Februari 2017

Facebook users posted their own theories on what the teaser could have possibly hinted at, but most of the commentary was reflecting on the blooming friendship Eggo and Stranger Things had with each other.

It’s not the first time brands have displayed their love for each other publicly, either. Blizzard’s Overwatch and streaming platform Twitch have almost daily conversations with each other that include overindulgent compliments, quasi-flirtation and minor teasing. Just today, the brands carried on a full conversation over Twitch’s recent announcement that the company hit four million followers on Twitter.

Eggo and Stranger Things also weren’t the only brands to get into a heated discussion the night of the Super Bowl. Verizon and T-Mobile made news for their overtly sexual jokes that were tossed back and forth at one another.

With just over eight months until the second season of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix, prepare for a lot more lovey-dovey messages being sent back and forth between Eggo and Stranger Things.

The first season of Stranger Things is currently available to stream now.