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Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter campaign triples goal in 12 hours

10,000 feathers for everyone!

fire emblem heroes Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes’ first Twitter campaign has already rocketed past its goal, guaranteeing all players a pretty appealing in-game reward. After hitting the required 10,000 retweets mark, everyone who plays the mobile game will receive 10,000 of the coveted Hero Feather item later this week.

That’s a huge get for fans who want to maximize their fighters’ potential. Hero Feathers are used to upgrade the quality of individual heroes that have reached level 20. As grabbing the highest quality heroes — designated by five stars — from the game’s grab bag is tricky, players who want their favorites to be as strong as possible must rely on this mechanic.

It costs a bunch of Hero Feathers to improve a player’s team, so the gift of 10,000 is helpful. It costs 2,000 feathers to upgrade a three-star hero to four stars, and 20,000 feathers to maximize their potential to five stars. 10,000 is an excellent start on top of the Hero Feathers players can amass on a daily basis.

Some fans who jumped in on the retweet campaign may be disappointed that the prize doesn’t increase past the 10,000 mark. At 30,000 retweets strong, though, the social media promotion shows just how large of a fanbase Fire Emblem Heroes has already. The iOS and Android-exclusive role-playing game seems to be a successful move for Nintendo thus far, especially if you take a look at how much it’s reportedly grossed in its first few days of release.

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