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Disney's Star Wars theme park to open in 2019, Avatar's this summer (correction)

Prepare to do some walking

Star Wars Land

Disney’s two upcoming theme park worlds, Star Wars Land and Pandora — The World of Avatar, will open in 2019 and May 2017, respectively, the company announced today.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger confirmed during an investors call that Pandora — The World of Avatar will open in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Star Wars Land will open in both Disney World and Disneyland in 2019, but there is no opening date at this time.

Disney first announced that it was adding the Avatar-themed addition to the park in 2011. The park is based on the fictional moon in Avatar, called Pandora, and will include the alien lifeforms from the movie, along with bioluminescent plants and floating mountains. Construction on the park, which will be exclusive to Disney World in Florida, began in January 2014.

Star Wars Land was first announced by Iger during a convention Disney holds every other year, D23, back in 2015. Each park will be 14 acres in size and will be available at both Disney World and Disneyland in California. Unlike Pandora — The World of Avatar, Star Wars Land will be based on a planet that fans have not seen before and introduce them to characters and places that aren’t as familiar. Disney has released concept art of what the planet could look like, but no official images at this time.

Construction is currently underway on Star Wars Land and there’s a good chance that Disney will have a more concrete opening timeframe by D23 this year, which takes place between July 14 and 16.

The next Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will open in theaters on Dec. 15.

Correction: Pandora — The World of Avatar will open May 27, 2017, not May 27, 2018. We’ve edited the article to reflect this.