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1-2 Switch has 28 minigames, see videos for 18

Try a virtual eating contest or, uh, ‘Count Balls’

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Nintendo has posted videos of 18 of the 28 minigames in 1-2 Switch, launching with the Nintendo Switch on March 3. All 28 have been named; some were not yet known.

All of them have been linked in this thread on the Nintendo subreddit. They were discovered late last night via the official 1-2 Switch page on Nintendo's Japanese-language site.

1-2 Switch faces two human users against each other, using the Joy-Con controllers that can slide on and off the Switch's tablet, or form a full-size controller. The minigames are meant to be played without looking at the screen.

At top is “Safe Cracker,” in which the Joy-Con is moved like the dial on a safe, and feedback lets the user know when a virtual tumbler is in place.

Somewhat similar is "Count Balls," which is not about a macho vampire, but involves users rotating the Joy-Con back and forth and attempting to guess how many balls are inside a virtual container, by the feedback the controller gives.

Then there's "Shaver," in which people use the Joy-Con to "shave" a virtual beard off themselves. The first to get squeaky clean wins, while the other is shown how much hair was left on the avatar, presumably in a silly pattern.

Another funny-looking game is "Eating Contest." in which competitors try to race through invisible food by making a chomping motion and holding the Joy-Con like a piece of food. See for yourself:

Some of these minigames were shown at the Nintendo Switch's event on Jan. 12. We were not terribly impressed with it in a hands-on the day after at New York, particularly with "Count Balls," which we called "the most annoying minigame," in the lineup.

1-2 Switch does not come with the console; it's sold separately for $50. But now you can see what's included and whether this is something you'll play with friends, or take a pass on.

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