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Watch The Great Wall trailer that got deleted because of its terrible CGI (update)

It’s like a really bad ghost from Ghostbusters

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures published a teaser for its upcoming The Great Wall movie last night, but hastily deleted it following mass criticism and teasing online because of the terrible CGI.

The part of the trailer that was being mocked can be seen in the photo below. In it, a giant green monster can be seen rushing a group of warriors on the wall. In the original video, Matt Damon is standing off to the side, wielding a sword and prepared to fight.

It didn’t take long after Universal tweeted out the teaser for people to start poking fun at it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a movie under Universal Pictures’ banner has had to deal with an unfortunate trailer incident. Back in December, Universal accidentally published a trailer for The Mummy missing the background sound effects. The trailer, which was published on both YouTube and Twitter, was quickly taken down but some Twitter users were quick to download it.

Eventually, the trailer got turned into a meme, with video editors replacing screams from various movies with the high-pitched wail Tom Cruise lets loose at one point. The difference between the two incidents is that The Mummy’s trailer was viewed as a funny if unfortunate incident, whereas The Great Wall’s just creates cause for concern.

This hasn’t been the only issue Universal has had to deal with since production on the film began. When Damon’s casting was announced, both the actor and studio were faced with backlash from audiences over the film’s alleged whitewashing. Both Damon and director Yimou Zhang have defended his role in the film, with the former speaking out about the controversy in December.

In an interview with the AP, Damon said The Great Wall wasn’t altered in any way to incorporate him. He said he took the entire issue of whitewashing, which he viewed as the act of a white person changing their appearance to look Asian, very seriously. Damon also called out the media for creating controversy and outrage when there was no reason for it.

“People fall for outrageous headlines, but eventually you stop clicking on some of those more outrageous things because you just realize there is nothing to the story when you get to it,” Damon said.

Universal has not issued a statement about the trailer, but Polygon has reached out for comment. The Great Wall opens in U.S. theaters on Feb. 17.

Update: The page hosting the mirrored video was removed, but a photo of the terrible CGI in question can be seen above.

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