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Here’s the Switch-like Gamevice in action

Hands on with iPhone 7 Plus version

Gamevice for iPhone

Last month, Gamevice announced a new set of its iOS-device-hugging game controllers.

Today we hopped on Facebook to take the Gamevice for a spin with an iPhone 7 Plus and to answer all of your questions. Well, some of your questions.

The Gamevice controller features a thumbstick, directional pad, trigger and shoulder button on the left side and a menu button, face buttons, another thumbstick and trigger and shoulder button on the right. The controller, which now draws directly from the iPad or iPhone to power itself, also includes a Lightning port for charging the phone or tablet. Gamevice officials say that the controller draws about the same amount of power as a pair of headphones do.

Check out the video below.

Gamevice Mobile Controller Hands-on

Hands-on the new Gamevice mobile controller for iPhone 7.

Posted by Polygon on Thursday, February 9, 2017

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