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Hyper-difficult platformer Celeste on hard mode is like watching ballet

Especially when developer Matt Thorson is playing

If you haven’t heard of Celeste, now is a good time to put it on your radar — especially if you love super-tough platformers like Super Meat Boy. Celeste is the next game from Matt Thorson, the developer behind the critically acclaimed TowerFall Ascension, and it looks to be quite the challenge, especially if you choose to play on hard mode.

To show off the test of skill that awaits, we had Thorson himself take the controller and play a couple of levels from Celeste in hard mode. In this mode, the levels are totally redone, with more difficult jumps and lots more instant-death spikes to impale yourself on.

Thorson blasts through these levels in seven minutes, but he told us that for the average player jumping into hard mode for the first time, they’ll take hours of play and many deaths to complete.

The footage in this video is from the recently-announced Nintendo Switch version of Celeste. The game is also headed to PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. It’s planned for launch across all three platforms later this year.

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