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Epic uses Finding Dory to showcase what its VR Editor is capable of

Will support technology used by Disney and Pixar

During its Game Developers Conference presentation, Epic showcased the capabilities of its VR Editor using a scene from Pixar’s Finding Dory.

Epic announced today that its editor would fully support Universal Scene Description. The tool is an open-source project used by a number of companies and editors, including Disney and Pixar, when working in animation. According to a description on Pixar’s website, “Universal Scene Description (USD) is the first publicly available software that addresses the need to robustly and scalably interchange and augment arbitrary 3D scenes that may be composed from many elemental assets.”

The tool is beneficial to both filmmakers and game developers, allowing them to condense the amount of work it would take to transmit data in specific scenes at a faster and more effective rate. The way it works can be seen in the video above.

"We built USD to enable a flexible and unencumbered exchange of assets in diverse pipelines and to promote large-scale collaboration among artists of various disciplines. We're therefore thrilled to add Epic's incredible Unreal Engine to the expanding set of USD-compatible tools,” Alicia Mooty, project manager for the Universal Scene Description project at Pixar, said in a press release.

Those interested in checking out Unreal Editor VR Mode and Mesh Editor can do so on GitHub right now.

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