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Shakedown Hawaii on Nintendo Switch is mesmerizing

Destroying 16-bit objects is so satisfying

Shakedown Hawaii is the 16-bit-style successor to Retro City Rampage, taking place 30 years after the events of the previous game. Although its predecessor was released on Nintendo, PlayStation, PC and Xbox platforms, Shakedown Hawaii will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

When you’re not running over people with your car or crashing into other obstacles on the road, you’re gallivanting around town with all manner of weapons. Ride a bike on the beach, take people’s money, crash into a tree — any number of illegal and destructive activity is encouraged. We captured 25 minutes of gameplay on the Switch and found it mesmerizing — especially when the soundtrack is a throwback to ‘80s horror movies.

As Nintendo continues to be optimistic with its relationship with third-party developers, we can expect to see a massive list of indie ports begin to trickle out this year.

Shakedown Hawaii is expected to launch on the Nintendo Switch some time in April.

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