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Graceful Explosion Machine brings 2D spaceships to Nintendo Switch

Get through this cave or die tryin’

Graceful Explosion Machine is a 2D side-scrolling shooter debuting on the Nintendo Switch in April. Set in a series of space caves, your goal is to clear alien enemies out by acquiring various power-ups and shooting your way through the hordes. It’s a geometrically designed game with rich colors and classic space shooter sound effects.

If you’re interested in the arcade shooter genre, we have 22 minutes of gameplay to share. Graceful Explosion Machine is definitely retro-style arcade shooter. It has a colorful, modern twist with its design, soundtrack and mechanics. As you blast your way through the caves, you can also rack up deadly combos to boost your score.

Nintendo’s appetite for indie games is carrying over to the Switch — titles like Stardew Valley, Thumper and Ultimate Chicken Horse are expected to be released throughout the year.

For more on the Nintendo Switch, check out our official review.

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