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Pokémon’s next movie takes Ash back to the beginning

I’m not crying! You’re crying!

The Pokémon Company debuted a trailer for I Choose You, this summer’s new Pokémon movie, today. As the 20th installment in the film franchise, it’s a big one — especially for fans of the accompanying cartoon’s original season.

You can watch the trailer above; it should immediately look familiar to anyone who grew up with series protagonist Ash Ketchum. I Choose You is a feature-length, glossier retelling of the very first episodes of the Pokémon cartoon. That means there’s Pikachu at its bratty finest, Ash at his most idealistic (and naive), and a slight hint of Pokémon’s ever-expanding Pokédex, courtesy of a Ho-Oh cameo.

The first teaser for the 20th anniversary film, released last December, hinted that Pokémon would be going back to its roots. The poster and name of I Choose You were enough to convince dedicated Pokémon viewers that the movie was set to follow Ash travel again through Kanto.

The trailer brings back plenty of nostalgic emotions, although the improved animation means it should be a new experience for Pokémon old-timers and newcomers alike. I Choose You is set to hit Japanese theaters on July 15, but a Western release date has yet to be announced. Until then, the first season of the Pokémon anime is available to stream on Netflix.

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