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Fans offer their own take on Luke Skywalker’s first words in The Last Jedi

“Han shot first!”


The first three words Luke Skywalker says in Star Wars: The Last Jedi are now known, but fans have been quick to offer their own take on what the phrase should be.

This is a big moment for Luke — and Star Wars fans in general. Luke made his Star Wars return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens but it wasn’t the grant reentrance fans were hoping for. He was only on screen for a minute, and during that time, didn’t actually say anything. The movie ends with Rey offering him his lightsaber before it cuts to credits.

[Warning: This will contain spoilers for the very first thing Luke says.]

During a recent shareholders call, Disney showed off the first moment Luke speaks in the movie. According to reporters in the room, the only words he says are, “Who are you?,” referring to Rey standing in front of him. It’s a logical question — and simple enough that fans probably could have guessed it from a while ago — but now that it’s confirmed, people are offering their own take on it.

Some pose interesting, philosophical questions like, “Are hot dogs sandwiches?” and “Is there cake?” with pictures of Luke Skywalker superimposed underneath. Other Luke Skywalker memes reference beloved Star Wars characters like Jar-Jar Binks with classic phrases such as, “Meesa Jar-Jar Binks!”, “It’s a trap!” and “Han shot first!”

Fans had their fun on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, but the phrase does bring up more questions — and more importantly, puts some theories to bed. One of the bigger theories floating around online focused on Rey being Luke’s daughter. Director Rian Johnson previously said that The Last Jedi would clear up some confusion about Rey’s parentage, but never hinted at who she may be related to.

Many assumed that Rey could be Luke’s daughter, based on her Jedi abilities and the fact that she was able to wield his lightsaber. However, the fact that Luke asks Rey who she is upon first meeting her seems to hint at that theory being wrong. Still, before the naysayers jump in to defend it, there is a chance that the last time Luke saw her would have been when she was younger, and he wouldn’t recognize her. Still, it seems to point to the latter suggestion that Rey and Luke aren’t actually related.

It may seem silly to fuss over three little words, but as Star Wars fans know, those three words make the world of difference. When Disney and Lucasfilm announced the eighth movie in the main franchise would be called The Last Jedi, fans scrambled to figure out what it meant. More specifically, they debated over whether or not the term Jedi was plural or not.

When the translated versions for other languages came out, it was confirmed that The Last Jedi was plural, but fans still wanted to know what that meant. After being asked multiple times, director Rian Johnson finally gave in and answered with his own three-word joke.

The next time Star Wars fans will have something to pore over won’t be until April. The first trailer for The Last Jedi is expected to be released during Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm’s annual convention dedicated to the film. Star Wars Celebration takes place between April 13-16.