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Watch Act 2 of Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone in action

Fans of Sonic 3’s zip lines will be pleased

Up until now, Sonic Mania fans have only seen Act 1 of the game’s revealed stages. That changes today, as the world gets its first look at Act 2 of Green Hill Zone, the remixed version of the stage from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Among the changes: a look at how Sonic Mania takes Sonic 3’s elemental shields and uses them for exploration. At one point in the video above, you’ll note that Sonic’s Fire Shield burns through a bridge, allowing access to new parts of the stage.

Another cool detail in Act 2: some of the the totem poles in the background are now much closer to the foreground. Sega says that’s an element found in early magazine scans teasing the original Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone, something Sonic Mania's developers uncovered and decided to bring into the new game.

For more Sonic Mania, check out our playlist below, featuring hands-on gameplay from all the stages revealed so far.

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