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In Breath of the Wild, chickens are the best secret weapon

In case you need another reason to play this masterpiece

A game as big as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has endless tricks to discover. Our favorite thus far may be this very, very silly one that turns chickens into deadly weapons, captured by one YouTuber among several other must-watch moments.

Videogamedunkey’s video of some of the best parts of his Breath of the Wild playthrough is quickly racking up the views, and with good reason. Among the hilariously dumb things he puts Link up to are dropping boulders on people from afar and using Octoballoons to transform rafts into flying machines.

It’s clear that Videogamedunkey is a crafty player, and it’s a lot of fun to watch him at it. But the most fun moment of the clip is when he commands an army of angry chickens — or cuccos, in the Zelda parlance — to totally clobber a huge enemy.

The way to make that work is by leading a cucco into a fight by holding them above Link’s head. Somehow, they’ll become protective of Hylian hero instead of trying to peck his brains out. That single cucco will gather up all of its friends to take on Link’s enemy. This little goof is present in other Zelda games, too, but Breath of the Wild’s version is both oddly touching and truly hilarious.

That kind of summarizes the entire video, really — as well as the Breath of the Wild experience; for us, at least. There are a million other rad ways to play the new Zelda, many of which we’re keeping track of in our guide. Follow along with us there for more, and start sharing some of your best tricks below.

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