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Nintendo skeptical that Switch docks are scratching screens

But replacement docks remain hard to find for those in need

Nintendo Switch - dock front angle view Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios

Several Nintendo Switch owners report that their consoles’ screens are getting scratched up by the included dock, but Nintendo executives say they’ve yet to experience the issue itself. In an interview with Time, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime casted doubts on scratched-up Switch tablets, but asked customers to continue reaching out for support.

“This is why we’re encouraging consumers to reach out to us directly,” Fils-Aime said when asked of the somewhat widespread problem, where Switch consoles end up with scratches when pulled out of the dock. “We have done, as you know, literally hundreds of events, starting with our activity back in January, and most recently the various tours that we continue to take the system out on. As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, ‘Have we seen this in our own experience?’ And the candid answer has been no.”

It sounds like Nintendo staffers are lucky enough to own so-called perfect Switch units, which fans have defined as consoles that shipped without any of the hardware issues many are facing. Fils-Aime emphasized that he and his teams have yet to see a Switch get scratched up in all of their docking and undocking, an anecdotal report that opposes those of many users.

Nintendo Switch dock back angle
The dock is causing major issues for some Switch owners.
Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios

Still, Nintendo is open to keep fielding these complaints, Fils-Aime said.

“This is one where if it is happening, we want to understand more as to what the specific situation is. Which is why we want consumers to let us know through our support site.”

He offered similar advice to anyone who’s experience problems syncing the left Joy-Con controller to their hardware. Nintendo admitted that that issue may be chalked up to the controller’s design, although a fix remains in the works.

Those who need a new dock that won’t scratch up their tablets are out of options for the time being, though. The company sells additional docks, but Fils-Aime told Time that the product is currently impossible to find — which many first noticed after Nintendo’s website updated to show that it wasn’t available at any national retailers.

“The production quantity is just not ramping up as quickly as we hoped it would,” he said. “So it’s a pure availability situation. More will be available shortly.”

Thankfully, the Switch can charge without its dock — just plug in the included USB-C cable directly into the system — and it’s perfectly playable in portable mode. That means there’s no real need to mess with a busted dock for the time being, if you happen to have one. (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild even looks a little more grandiose on the smaller screen!)

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