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In Breath of the Wild, everyone just wants to kiss a Zora

Sidon and Mipha before anyone else

sidon Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no dating game, but it doesn’t lack for romance. Link experiences the platonic love of giant horses and dogs throughout his adventure — as well as the affections of two fishlike creatures, whom everyone really wants to date in real life.

Sidon and Mipha are two of the most important members of the Zora, a race of aquatic beings that live in the northern part of Hyrule. Link heads to their Domain, per Sidon’s insistence, to — and here’s a spoiler warning, just in case — help recover one of the four Divine Beasts, and the whole watery quest is getting tons of people very, very fired up on Twitter.

That’s because ... well, just take a look at Sidon:

Okay, c’mon. He’s not just a hot slab a flesh. He’s so supportive!

But, yeah, he’s totally got a bod ... Twitter’s made that pretty clear:

Doesn’t do anything for you? Then check out our girl Mipha:

She isn’t getting quite the same amount of attention as Sidon, for whatever reason, but she’s got her own ardent supporters:

Both characters are svelte, charming and, dare we say it, sensual. Sidon has won the hearts of social media users in particular, perhaps because he spends more one-on-one time with Link during the Hylian’s time with the Zora people.

But Link’s relationship with Mipha is the stuff of some not-work-safe fan fiction, too. The pair were close 100 years ago, when they fought alongside each other as champions to protect Princess Zelda and the people of Hyrule. Canonically, Mipha had the hots for the stoic Link, even crafting some rare protective armor for him that comes in handy to this day.

Non-canonically, though, Mipha and Sidon are Twitter’s new girlfriend and boyfriend. While we’ve kind of got our own thing going with the adorable, happy Hestu, we’re fighting our own feelings for these Zora cuties ourselves.