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Rocket League getting free new mode with an electrified ball

Play Dropshot for free starting March 22

Developer Psyonix will release a new mode for Rocket League next week that will mix up how players score goals and will introduce a new concept — damage — thanks to an electrified ball.

Rocket League’s new mode, Dropshot, is coming March 22. Instead of bouncing the ball into a goal (or basket) to score points, in Dropshot players will have to break through the floor of the arena to form goal openings and scoring opportunities.

Dropshot matches will take place in a new hexagonal arena called Core 707. Players will have to use the electrified ball to smash holes into the floor of that stadium. Here’s Psyonix’s official description of the new mode and stadium.

Regular goalposts are nowhere to be found in the new stadium, so players must create their own dynamic scoring areas by using an electrified ball to break and eventually open the floor on their opponent's side. Once a goal has been scored, that side of the arena closes back up and the action begins anew until time expires. As an added twist, the electrified ball itself will gain strength as players continue to hit and dribble it, with harder hits giving it stronger damage potential that can be unleashed on the opposing team's floor to varying degrees.

Dropshot will appear in a dedicated online playlist and will be available in private and exhibition matches. You can check out the new Rocket League mode in action in the trailer above and see what Core 707 looks like in the gallery below.

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