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Working Pokémon Red recreated entirely inside Minecraft (update)

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Look mom, no mods!

Update: We’ve got a half-hour long tour with the creator. Come inside this crazy contraption in the video above.

Original story: One industrious builder has recreated Pokémon Red entirely inside Minecraft. Mr. Squishy, the same man behind the working Pac-Man cabinet from a few years ago, says he spent 21 months on the project, which he built and coded by hand from inside the game world.

Just as the Pac-Man project included a mock-up of an arcade cabinet, Pokémon Red is played on a realistic Gameboy. You can even customize the color of the shell.

Mr. Squishy related all the details on a Reddit post over the weekend. He writes that the project includes more than 357,000 command blocks, and has “all of the original game’s features, along with a few iconic bugs.” No outside tools were used in the project, meaning that Mr. Squishy walked the equivalent of 2,832.89 kilometers in-game.

That’s about the same was walking from New York to Denver.

You can download all the files and play right now.