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Pikachu’s getting some iconic headwear in Sun and Moon later this year

The precious Pokémon celebrates its favorite trainer

pikachu The Pokémon Company

Japanese Pokémon fans have an adorable promotion to look forward to: Starting in April, Pikachu with special accessories will be distributed to the series’ latest Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

A collection of Pikachu wearing hats made famous by Ash Ketchum, the star of the Pokémon anime, will be made available to anyone who buys tickets to the series’ upcoming film ahead of its premiere.

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro revealed the whole set of six, scans of which are found on fan site There’s Pikachu in the classic Ash cap of old, all the way to the electric mouse wearing Ash’s Alola region variant hat.

pikachu CoroCoro via

Astute Pokémon fans may notice that there are only six different hats, despite there being seven different Pokémon regions. Ash wore his original cap for the first two generations of Pokémon cartoon, maintaining the same look until the end of his travels in Johto. Since then, the 11-year-old has shaken up his look every season.

Pikachu’s affinity for hats is well-known. In Pokémon Go, Niantic’s mobile version of the handheld games, Pikachu has worn a variety of festive pieces, from party hats to Santa hats.

Alongside the serial code for the dressed-up Pikachu — the likes of which varies depending on when players choose to redeem their single-use code — is the Pikashumium Z-Crystal. That will unlock Pikachu’s buffed-up Z-Move, called 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

The bad news is that there’s no word on a Western release for the Ash hat-wearing Pikachu, nor the film its release is tied to. That movie, I Choose You, is the 20th installment in the Pokémon feature film franchise. A re-telling of the TV show’s very first episodes, it hits Japanese theaters on July 15.

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