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PS4 games are finally coming to PlayStation Now

Stream some more current games soon

PlayStation Now devices 1269 Sony

PlayStation Now, Sony’s game-streaming service for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, will finally receive some more current games later this year. A private beta for PS4 game support will launch in the coming weeks, Sony announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Now subscribers get first dibs on testing out the upcoming update, the post states. Sony has yet to specify which PS4 games will be included in PlayStation Now’s first wave — or when the feature will launch to all users — although the service currently offers a wide array of titles for the console’s predecessor.

The streaming service, in its current state, lets users stream PlayStation 3 games to their PS4 console or PC. Cloud saves allow for games to travel between consoles and platforms as well.

Unlike the recently announced Xbox Game Pass service, PlayStation Now only streams games. When it launches, Xbox Game Pass will download Xbox One games onto subscribers’ consoles, and they’ll be able to keep playing those games as long as their accounts remain active.

PlayStation Now is also pricer than Xbox Game Pass. A yearlong subscription costs $99.99, while a single month costs $19.99. The Xbox competitor will cost users $9.99 per month.

Sony recently ended support for PlayStation Now on all hardware save the PS4 and Windows PC — much to the dismay of beleaguered PlayStation Vita owners, among others.

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