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Overwatch’s new hero Orisa goes live on consoles and PC next week

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Take Overwatch’s new tank for a spin on March 21

Orisa, the new Overwatch hero that’s been in testing on Windows PC for the past two weeks, will be live and playable in all versions of the game starting on Tuesday, March 21, Blizzard Entertainment announced today.

Blizzard also released a new behind-the-scenes look at Overwatch’s 24th hero today, which you can watch in the video above. Blizzard dives into the origin and design philosophy of the character, and talks about her earliest iterations. Orisa is the third post-release character to join Overwatch after Ana and Sombra.

Orisa is the creation of an 11-year-old robotics engineering prodigy, Efi Oladele. Designed as a peacekeeping robot, Orisa is technically the game’s youngest hero. Blizzard describes her role as “the central anchor of her team” who can protect her teammates with a barrier, launch graviton charges to slow enemies and supercharge her allies to bolster their damage.

For a look at Orisa’s skins and other cosmetic unlocks, check out the video below.